How to Qualify for Tax Exempt Status

Religious organizations do a great deal of good in the world, and the tax code recognizes that by allowing churches and other religious organizations to obtain tax-exempt status. Sometimes referred to as 501(c)(3) religious organizations (in reference to the section of the federal tax code that governs charitable organizations), these religious organizations are at the heart of charity and religious life in the United States. However, tax-exempt status isn’t automatic, and it isn’t unconditional, and there are a few things you’ll need before you can get it.

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Churches Selling Air Rights

lawyer for religious entities New YorkWith New York City running out of real estate, developers have nowhere to go but up. This means they are looking to purchase development rights (or “air rights”) from other institutions in order to demolish and build new structures or build on top of existing ones. Most recently, churches have gotten involved and it has resulted in a win-win: the developer gets the air rights they need for their project, and the church can use the proceeds to pay for much-needed renovations. Continue reading “Churches Selling Air Rights”

Applying for Sales Tax Exemption as a Not-for-profit Organization in New York

Many religious and charitable organizations across the state of New York are able to apply for a special, sales tax exempt status. Sales tax exempt status allow purchasers within the organizations to make tax-free purchases that would otherwise be subject to New York State sales tax. In order to utilize this unique feature, one must obtain a sales tax exemption certificate issued by the New York State Tax Department and present the said certificate at the time of purchase. Continue reading “Applying for Sales Tax Exemption as a Not-for-profit Organization in New York”

Understanding New York’s Religious Corporations Law

Religious freedom is a major foundational right of every person in the United States. It is inherently a complex issue which has spawned heated court cases over the years. While almost all agree that religious freedom must be safeguarded, there is much debate as to what exactly constitutes religious freedom. We will address additional aspects of religious freedom through our blogs and newsletters. Continue reading “Understanding New York’s Religious Corporations Law”

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