Wingate, Kearney & Cullen, LLP has extensive experience in cemetery law and represents individuals seeking disinterment of a loved one. Whether a disinterment is contested or not, the Firm has the experience and ability to obtain Cemetery permission and, where necessary, court permission for the disinterment.

With the assistance of an experienced attorney, disinterments often require nothing more than affidavits and consents from all necessary parties to gain permission to disinter. However, when a cemetery plot has been owned by a family for generations, it can be difficult to determine ownership and who must provide authorization for the disinterment. The experienced attorneys at Wingate, Kearney & Cullen, LLP are familiar with cemetery law and can assist in establishing and obtaining all required authorizations.

If family members do not agree on the disinterment, court action may be required. The Firm is fully capable of litigating a contested disinterment, from filing the initial petition to the conclusion of court proceedings.